Please take a moment to look though some of the wonderful pictures & stories that my clients, friends, and mentors have to share!  Each of them have a special place in my heart, and I am so grateful.

Victor and I were sidelined after he sustained a serious suspensory injury. Months of stall rest and false starts had taken their toll on both of us. I first met Kate when she was doing a demo on sports massage. I am so thankful this caring angel gave me a follow up phone call. My response was “how soon can you get to my barn?”

From his first session Victor started coming back to life. His breathing was deeper and a gratefulness was in his eyes. My sweet boy I had had since he was two years old had been in so much discomfort. Even though his suspensory had healed, muscles from months of inactivity needed help.

Victor now receives massage with Kate every other week. Her comprehensive post massage write ups have shown Victor’s steady progress from recovery to becoming the athlete he truly has the potential to be. The write ups also give me a map of how I need to ride Victor to his best potential.

Thank you Kate, with love from Victor and Mona

Mona Corrente, Bas Bleu Farm

I adopted my first horse Viola, a Belgian Draft Mare from Project SAGE in August 2011.  She was at The Sugar Creek Livestock Auction destined for slaughter when SAGE rescued her from that hellhole. I’m committed to providing Viola with the best of care and she now has everything and anything a horse could possibly need and want.

I was so moved by Kate’s massage therapy demonstration that I immediately signed up for a series of sessions.  Viola is the lucky recipient of Kate’s extraordinary touch and I’m overwhelmed at the difference her work has made to my horse.  Riding Viola is now smooth and she moves forward and balanced with the help from massage treatments.  

I look forward to years of giving Viola the very best and that most certainly includes the fine work by Kate. 

Julie Corwin

My pony Dublin suffered a suspensory injury in the spring of 2013… after having several months off to heal, he slowly went back to work in the fall.  Although his fitness level and strength were slowly returning, I felt there had to be something more I could do to help make things easier for him… that is when I found Kate.  Thanks to her, muscles in areas of his body which were tight, are becoming more supple, he is bending easier, using his back end better and is more relaxed overall throughout our daily workouts.  The difference was noticeable after his first session with Kate, and it just keeps getting better as we go along. Thanks again Kate!!!!

Linda Erick

Kate began working with my mare, Annie, in August 2013 and I cannot praise her enough for the wonderful changes she brought about in my mare’s mental and physical well being.

My mare is happier, more relaxed and even tempered around the barn and in her work. I was surprised when a fellow boarder remarked that Annie seemed mellower and pleased when my instructor commented that Annie was moving better since Kate began working with her.

Kate is patient, kind, and compassionate; she uses a variety of massage techniques to alleviate any muscle soreness that Annie may have experienced either through exuberant play or diligent work. Kate, along with my instructor, is intrinsic to helping Annie reach her potential.

Annie and I just can’t thank her enough.

Ellen Fetterman

Kate has helped keep Eli comfortable and flexible through his growing pains and from the effects of youthful exuberance.  Her expertise in isolating his occasional problem areas has proven a great asset in my training program.

Joanna Gray-Randle, USDF Gold Medalist, Gray Horse Dressage

My horses all look so happy… and I’m sure you had everything to do with it!

George Skurla

I have known Kate since she was a junior in College and proud to say that its been a pleasure to see her career grow.  She began as a student rider, then as a working student, assistant trainer, trainer and now an equine massage therapist.  Her years of training at all different levels of interaction with horses makes her different from the rest.  Kate is uniquely qualified to work with horses (and riders!).  She is an extremely intuitive person and has the uncanny ability to work with amazing detail and focus for our wonderful horses.

Margaret Horowitz, Winsom Equine Group

During my 6 years of working in the equine industry in the United States, Kate was certainly one of the most caring and dedicated horsemen I have come across; always striving to accomplish what is best for the horse’s happiness and overall well being.  It was a great privilege and inspiration for me to get to know and work with her as a person and an equine professional.

Cem Uzman, International Jumper Rider

 Kate Klisch, CESMT

(631) 335 – 3759     http://www.kklisch.com     k.klisch@icloud.com

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